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How To Choose A Dealer

Safety * A primary concern

A garage door is the largest moving object in your home, and because of the large number of parts, installation of a garage door is highly technical. Connecting the springs can be particularly dangerous, especially without the proper tools and proper installation is critical to the performance of your door. An improperly installed door and operator system can exert tremendous force when the door closes. This could lead to the entrapment of children or adults and subsequent injury - or worse.

Professional garage door dealer/installers can typically install a door in a few hours and are careful to make sure safety requirements are met. Installations by most homeowners typically span several days and cause much frustration. In addition, incorrect installation can void certain warranties, so we recommend a trained garage door installer to handle the job for you.

Selecting Your Dealer

There are thousands of door dealers in business today. What can you do to assure yourself of selecting the right one? We've provided you with 5 checkpoints for you to choose when choosing a dealer:

  • Experience and Training
    How long has the company been in business in your local area? Because of the harsh environment of the coastal areas, it is important that a dealer know what products work best here and which don't - only someone that has worked here for years can best determine this. How long have they been doing garage doors specifically? Are they an accredited company with the International Door Association - see Accreditation means they have met the criteria of the International Door Association including displaying knowledge of installation and repair of garage doors and maintain accreditation by attending ongoing education in changes in products, technology and procedures. Coast Garage Door was the 2nd garage door dealer in the State of Oregon to gain accreditation and has maintained this status for over 15years.
  • Workmanship / Reputation
    This may be the most important checkpoint. And it is also easy to verify. Does the door dealer have satisfied customers? If so, do they have letters of recommendation from their customers? Depending on the project, you may want to talk to a customer or two or to other contractors in the area. Do they offer a written warranty on their workmanship? Is the dealer a member of the Local Home Builders Association, International Home Builders Association, local Chambers of Commerce, Northwest Door and Operator Association, International Door Association Coast Garage Door is a proud member of all of these and has been for many years. At Coast Garage Door we pride ourselves on our workmanship and the stellar reputation we have built. You can also check the website of different garage door manufacturer's to see if the dealer is listed as an authorized dealer of their products. Although it is not necessary to be an authorized dealer to sell all products - you can be assured that a manufacturer will back up their own dealers before an unauthorized dealer if necessary and that the authorized dealer is kept updated on installation techniques and changes in products.
  • Code and Regulatory Compliance
    There are numerous requirements pertaining to safety and the installation of a garage door system. Federal, state, and local codes and regulations must be followed. Ask the dealer you select about how they comply with the codes in your city. All US contractors are now required to be certified in proper lead safety practices - ask to see confirmation of proper licensing. You can also look this information up for yourself - Make sure your contractor is properly licensed and meets insurance requirements. Oregon contractor's board - Washington department of labor and industry - As a member of the IDA (International Door Association) and NWDOA (NW Door & Operator Association) dealers are also required to follow the Dealers Code of Conduct.
  • Insurance Coverage
    It is important to you that the door dealer carries proper insurance on their business and employees. One checkpoint is to ask for a copy of the company's Certificate of Insurance. If they don't have one or hesitate to comply with your request, it could be a negative signal.
  • Financial Integrity
    Depending on the size of your project, financial integrity of a door dealer can be very important. Although this is a sensitive issue, a dependable, honest door dealer won't mind telling you about the basic financial integrity of their company. Do they have a storefront or office, or do they work out of the back of a pick-up truck? Will they still be around in a few years if you experience a warranty issue?

    Selecting the right door dealer is as simple as asking a few questions. The issue of reliability may be the most important. Is the dealer dependable, trustworthy, and safety-conscious? These questions take only moments to answer, and yet they can help you avoid tremendous problems in the future.

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